Arduino Nano v3.0 + ethernet shield v1.1 [EN]

Slovenskú verziu tohto dokumentu nájdete na tejto linke.

I tried to use Arduino Nano v.3 with Arduino Ethernet Shield v1.1 (version with chip enc28j60 without SD card port). As I was looking for a link with a minimum of wiring, I just dealt with the connection of those necessary pins, and here I coined the problem is not too extensive documentation. The problem with the connection, I managed to solve due to the description of at this forum.

The link just use 1:1 pins of ICSP connector and connect pin D10. It is appropriate to link the VREF pin, RST, 3V3.

wiring without ICSP pins

  • D10 (SS)
  • D11 (MOSI)
  • D12 (MISO)
  • D13 (SCK)
  • +5V
  • GND

description of 6pin ICSP connector

  1. MISO
  2. 5V (+Vcc)
  3. SCK
  4. MOSI
  5. RST
  6. GND

I'm using Arduino 1.0.5 and this version od library ethernetShield.

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